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Welcome to our BCCSD Events News

This is our BCCSD Events Web-Pages news here. We can addition any of BCCSD Deaf Entertainment Shows or Lecture or Special Guest and BCCSD Workshops. We can provide any of this Events for the Deaf Community in our Provinical of British Columbia.

Charmaine Letourneau (Muise) Appointed to the Order of Canada, 2001

Charmaine Letourneau of Edmondton, Alberta is the First Deaf Canadian in history appointment to the Order of Canada!!

Congratulation to Charmaine, who was born in 1947, is member of the Deaf community and has devoted her entire adult life to the service the Canadian Deaf community and to the enrichment of Canadian society. As a leader within the Deaf community she has inspired the educational, linguistic, cultural, athletic and political growth of the Canadian Deaf community. As representative of the Deaf community she has worked tirelessly to enrich Canadian society with the culture and participation of the Deaf people in this country.
Charmaine Letourneau has devoted her life to serving as leader, mentor, advocate, and tireless contributor to Canadian Deaf society, ultimately enriching the lives of both Deaf and Hearing Canadians!

Charmaine Letourneau is a most deserving appointee to the Order of Canada.

For more of this information are avilable at CCSD Website below it .

Here is Deaf Students at Risk !!  Please watch our TVTube click below this line, That Ontario in Ministry of Education Puts Deaf Students at Risk !!

Jan 13, 2007 04:30 AM

Potentail Solutions for Deaf Students 

Letter, Jan. 6.

The reply of Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne to Gary Malkowski's letter is a classic case of blaming the victim. Malkowski has been working vigorously at improving deaf education in Ontario for all of his adult life.

My wife and I placed our adopted deaf son in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in Ottawa – the only such program serving a region of some 2 million people, a fact that tells you all you need to know about the priority given to deaf children.

After five years in this program, he was still unable to read and write anything but his own first name. We repeatedly emphasized to the program personnel that he needed to be taught American sign language (ASL) first and foremost. We were assured he was getting ASL instruction, but in fact it was Signed English delivered by people incompetent in ASL.

Signed English is not even a language, it is merely an artificial system of gestures imitating spoken English. We then spent months fighting against his continued placement in this farcical program. It went as far as a legal hearing by the Special Education Appeal Board. While we won the right to place our son in a regular school with support services, we continue to be denied ASL tutoring.

This boy, who was failed in Grade 1 for five straight years at the deaf program, immediately began scoring marks of B in all his classes. Illiterate until age 9, he now wears me out with his excellent spelling practice.

Imagine what he could accomplish if the public school board would provide him with qualified training in his first language, ASL. But even though the Ottawa-Carleton Public School Board offers ASL courses to adults in the evening, it will not offer ASL courses to the deaf children in school.

James Roots, Executive Director, Canadian Association of the Deaf, Ottawa

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