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Welcome to Our BCCSD WebSite

We would like to introduce you to our BCCSD Organization. It is the provincial branch of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, which works to ensure that Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are able to fulfill their cultural needs and values through performing arts, American Sign Language, Literature, ASL Literacy, Visual arts, and Hertiage resources. It is a Non-profit organization. It includes Deaf members who are Deaf involved with ASL WAY or who are Sign Language Instructors, and it participated in many Activities such as the Deaf Children Festival; The Mini Festival of the Arts, and the presentation of Deaf performers and many other Deaf Talents.

Most Recently BCCSD Flashes News

December 7, 2007 at Douglas College BCCSD Election:

President: Roger Desmarais

Vice President: Kristen Pranzel

Secretary: Alayna Smith

Treasurer: Scott Jeffrey

Director-at-large: Vincent Chauvet

41 voters

Roger's comments before election: I want to be President so I can arrange for more Deaf Events like ASL Films, Theatre (example Vagina Monoglues), Gaming (Poker etc), and of course more regular deaf social times/dates/places etc..

Any questions about BCCSD, please contact Roger at rowenger@gmail.com


This is Our BCCSD Logo by Tristan Blackburn ca.1982

Hello, Everyone
I welcome you to Visiting Our BCCSD WebPages
We, BCCSD Hope you find it worthwhile for you
Have a pleasure day!

Vincent Chauvet

Past-President of BCCSD

The Canadian Deaf Heritage & Cultural Arts Centre the news just been arrived !!!



Go See Our New Announcement Page in The Canadian Deaf Heritage & Cultural Arts Centre  announcement and Call For Donations entry from Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, Now we have both are in Our BCCSD Website right now for you. In Our New annoucement Page here in this website have a look at it,

Danny Roberts,

BCCSD WebMaster


***NEW !!!*** Come and See CSD TV FYE Deaf Video Here now


CSD-TV's mission is to provide a cultural alternative to the television and film experience, to provide high quality entertainment and educational television programming, to produce educational and training videos, to produce television commercials, to provide high quality captioning services, and to broadcast programming on Internet TV and all other vehicles. Included in the mission will be special consideration for the cultural diversity of deaf and hard of hearing people. We are committed to bringing diverse programming to viewers who are deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened, as well as their family members, friends, colleagues and professionals.

Cool watch us on Deaf Video !!! Deaf can do anything thing but Hear so you can do the same and learn how they run... Wanna learn how to cook here is now for you !!


This is a New Deaf Planet Website is here now !!!

MARBLEMEDIA and the CANADIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY OF THE DEAF present you to invite you to join the adventures of Kendra, Max, and their interpreter, WILMA on Deaf Planet!  Log on for games, experiments, ASL video and more!  Also, watch deafplanet.com the TV Show on ACCESS TV in Alberta, TVO in Ontario, and SCN in Manitoba and Saskatchewan!

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Go see the Deaf Planet Website !

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