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This is a good old Days from our BCCSD pictures archives is here now !!

Have you been wondering where you have been in those days gone by ?

This is our Father and Founder of Canadian Cultural Society of The Deaf (CCSD)

This was happening at Holiday Inn at Howe St., Vancouver, BC. Deaf Awareness Night in Vancouver. Presented by BC Cultural Society of the Deaf on May 13, 1978.

This is Forrest C. Nickerson as Guest Speaker and also he was mystery story teller about called " The Murder In The Corn Field" Shown here.
This is Gerald Zimmer on the Stage

Mr. Gerald Zimmer was performer on the Stage as Poetry Recitals - "The Eagles" in Deaf Awareness Night in Vancouver of May 1976.
Remeber, This our famous Mucsign performer in Our Home land.

This is Bob "Big Bob" Hiltermann playing performer as Mucsign(Music Sign) the song called "Chantilly Lace" at Deaf Awareness Night in Vancouver of May 1976.
This is Miss Gail Penner (Zimmer) as Miss B.C.D.S.F.

This is Gail Zimmer was as Miss B.C.D.S.F. in year of May 1976 held at Deaf Awareness Night in Vancouver. Playing perform as in song called "It's Summer"
This is one of Our B.C. Deaf Mime Troupe

This is our BC Deaf Mime Troupe was performace on Stage so called Theme - "New Dimension In Communication" from Left to right Bob Hiltermann, Don West, Marsha Simon, Pat Hanrahan and Tristian Blackburn.
This is Jewel Davis as Miss G.V.A.D.

This is Miss Jewel Davis who was perform on the stage at Deaf Awareness in Vancouver on May 13, 1978. Her song is "The Sailor Return"

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