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This is Our NEW BCCSD board Elected

This is Our New BCCSD President : Roger Desmarais

 I went to Jericho Hill School for the Deaf till it closed and moved to Burnaby South when I was in grade 8 and then graduated in 1997. I went to Gallaudet University for 2 years from '97 to '99. I worked at the Dorm for a few years before going back to school at B.C.I.T. where I got a diploma in Biomedical Engineering Technology.

I am currently employed as a Biomed Engineering Tech working for a non-profit organization, providing respiratory equipment and helping people with disabilities live independently.

I have many different long-time hobbies and interests, including: drawing, playing board and video games, building and painting models, reading novels and collecting tattoos.


This is our New Vice president: Kristen Pranzl

(Vice president Kristen Pranzel Message here )

This is New BCCSD Secretaries: Alayna Smith

I graduated from Mountain Secondary School in Langley, finished two degrees at U.B.C. (a BA in English Literature and a BEd in Elementary Teacher Education), and am currently enrolled in the school of life.

I am an avid lover of all things to do with mountains and beaches -- and so I'm a long-time snowboarder and 'new-to-it-but-loving-it' surfer. Travelling, reading, and photography also appeal to me.

My working life up to now has been fortunately rich in experiences and learning. I'm currently working for a provincial organization and focus on supporting families with deaf members with literacy / communication. I also do some teaching and love all that I do.

Look forward to seeing you in the community!

This is Our New BCCSD Treasurer: Scott Jeffery

( Scott Jeffery message here )

This is our BCCSD Director- At- Large: Vincent Chauvet

I attended and graduated from Alberta School for the Deaf in 1975 and went to Gallaudet University to obtain my degree in General Science in 1980.

Currently I'm an Instructor and the Department Head at V.C.C. ASL & Deaf Studies since 1995.

I have been involved with Cultural organizations (A.C.S.D., B.C.C.S.D. & C.C.S.D.) since 1981. I am keen supporter of Deaf Artists and I collect artwork related to Deaf Culture. I enjoy outdoor activities, photography, Bonsai and also study Tai Chi.Vincent Chauvet

Past-President of BCCSD

and Director-At-Large of BCCSD

Our BCCSD Director at Large: Julie Martin
I graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in 1984. I earned a BA degree in ASL from Gallaudet University in Washington DC.

I am ASL instructor of ASL & Deaf Studies Program at Vancouver Community College in Vancouver as I have worked with the Department for 14 years.

I have been involved with Cultural organizations (B.C.C.S.D. and C.C.S.D.) since 1990. I have collected Deaf-related craftworks from Canada and America. I have personally enjoyed walking through parks/gardens and reading christian, Deaf and ASL books/novels.
This is Our BCCSD webmaster

This is Danny Roberts our BCCSD Webmaster

I. Danny Roberts, BCCSD WebMaster  It is my pleasure to serve you as webmaster here I hope you enjoy review our BCCSD website. You can feel free ask me any question or addition in our BCCSD Please doing it so Let me know in my e maill address in our Contact me page, see you soon

 Danny Roberts   


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