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Welcome to Our BCCSD Shopping Store... The Perfect Place to Find Great Products

WARNING !!!! URGERT message !!!!

Dear all,
The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) would like to share  this information with everyone to help us reduce fraud scams.  CCSD receives money through private donations and
telemarketing which are legitimate. 
To summarize:
l. The real Vincent Chauvet did NOT send the above emails and he does not have the aol or yahoo account!  Someone stole his 'identity' over the internet.
2. If you receive an email from the false email addresses vchauvet@aol.com or vchauvet@yahoo.ca and vchauvett@hotmail.com  please disregard them.  They do not represent Vincent Chauvet from BCCSD or CCSD.
3. Also, if you receive a telemarketing call from CCSD but the caller is blocking call display, please do not respond to them.    This is another common fraud scam.  CCSD does have telemarketing and our telemarketers by law would show their phone number.
Thank you for being vigilant with us.
Helen Pizzacalla
President of CCSD
Please contact real Vincent Chauvet vchauvet@vcc.ca any of your concerned before you do anything to fake impostor scammer,
WE, BCCSD are many Hurting and Victimized by the scammer who con artist took advantage on BCCSD Good Deaf People lives. Please BEWARE of this nasty Scammer still going on around the world.

BCCSD has Canadian Dictionary of ASL in stocks right now


Developed by the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, editors Carole Sue Bailey and Kathy Dolby in conjunction with the University of Alberta Press, this comprehensive new dictionary of American Sign Language (ASL) has over 8,700 signs, many unique to Canada. Material for this extensive work has been drawn from many sources and includes input from members of Canada's Deaf community from over the past 20 years.
The Canadian Dictionary of ASL offers clear illustrations and sign descriptions alongside English definitions, making it a valuable reference for Deaf and hearing users alike.

Features of the Dictionary include:

* easy to understand illustrations for every sign;
* specific written instructions for forming the sign;
* definitions, parts of speech, usage notes;
* tips on how to use the signs in visual conversation;
* regional variations of signs.

Separate sections are included on:
* ASL fingerspelling;
* ASL handshapes;
* Numbers; * Pronouns;
* Time concepts;
* Geographic place names.

Authorative and up-to-date, the Canadian Dictionary of ASL will prove the standard reference, reflecting the unique use of ASL in Canada, for years to come.
Get a copy for your personal library!

As Dave G. Mason, York University says...
"ASL is the most common language used when Deaf people
in most of Canada communicate with one another".

Get a order to:

BC Cultural Society of the Deaf
c/o Vincent Chauvet
VCC-King Edward Campus
1155 E. Broadway Street
Vancouver, B.C.,
V5T 5T9,

TTY: 606-734-0446
Fax: 604-734-0182
Email: vchauvet@vcc.ca

Canadian Dictionary of ASL Price tags is 75 Dollars Plus 14% taxes

Have a comment? or need help?

Send me an Email to vchauvet@vcc.ca I'd love to hear from you!

BCCSD's Book Store

It will be 75 Dollars plus GST and PST (14%)Tax. You can ask Vincent Chauvet for more information thank you very much.